Student Placement Experience

Student Placement experiences vary for each individual depending upon your discipline and interest. CommUnity Partnership encourages building upon community capacities that are uniquely designed within all site locations. Outlined below is a guideline that facilitates daily role expectations for students in order to provide a holistic placement experience.

  • Individual Work:
    • Establishing therapeutic relationships, counselling and crisis intervention.
    • Case management – making appropriate referrals, supporting individual client goals, maintaining client files and case-finding/ client outreach.
    • Develop, implement and evaluate therapeutic action plans.
    • Provide individual physical health interventions.
  • Group Work:
    • Lead and facilitate group/team meeting on an on-going basis.
    • Develop evidence-based and emerging evidence based curricula for client group engagement.
    • Create and sustain new/existing community partners.
    • Engage in assertive outreach strategies in order to build upon community development.
    • Facilitate evidence-based programming that engages residents physical and mental health needs.
  • Community Work:
    • Adopting and supporting Advocacy roles as needed on behalf of the Partnership or advancing particular programs.
    • Work with an interdisciplinary team to advance student learning, resident goals and partnership goals.
    • Participate in research in order to support the progress of CUP programs.

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